Dhigurah island, Maldives

May — June — July — August

An island where whale sharks and manta rays lives all the year!

Our family camp program on Maldives includes the following activities:

Freediving and swimming for children

Freediving and swimming for children from 4 years old. We will learn to dive with breath-hold in length and depth, swim (kids) and practice technique (older group of children), play and have fun.

Theater, creativity, games and quests

At our meetings, we will revive objects, texts, take on roles. We will reincarnate and transform! Just as winter turned into summer on our journey, inanimate (as it seems to us!) Objects will suddenly come to life and begin to talk about themselves. The screen is illuminated by a flashlight beam and chiaroscuro plays on it, a new world is in front of us! We are waiting for reincarnation in the Home Theater, when everything can become anything or everything will be born out of nothing!

The “World Around” program

A fascinating mix of biology, geography and physics. We will study plants and animals, map maps, play educational games, and even conduct real experiments!


Excursions around the island

Walking through the jungle and the unique sandy spit that connects our island with a chain of uninhabited islands.


Excursions to whale sharks and manta rays

An incredible experience of watching the kind sea giants. Swimming with the inhabitants of the ocean. We will watch exotic animals, including friendly giants — whale sharks and manta rays, as well as turtles and rays!

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Excursions to uninhabited islands

Feel like Robinson Crusoe for a while, meeting the sunset on a desert island.

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Our counselors

Oksana Polyakova


Leading online courses for children at the Open Ark School.

Organizer at the Waldorf School “Living School”.

Leading (counselor) summer camp in Greenfield, Moscow region.

Co-organizer of the family Camp in Anapa “Art-Kids-Dacha”

Ideologist, organizer and host of the Derevko family club in Volgograd.

Author and host of her own projects “Home Theater”, “Family Traditions”, “Life with Children and with Pleasure”.

The author of the project “Touring Petrushka” with performances and shows of home performances for families with children of preschool and primary school age.

Oksana is the mother of a 10-year-old daughter, Polina, who is studying at the SB.

Elena Gusevskaya

Swimming instructor for babies and toddlers, Physical education instructor, Children's freediving instructor, Certified freediver

Even as a child, I was immersed in the water element and my favorite sport was: swimming. I have always been interested in the topic of the underwater world and space. I watched programs and read articles on these topics. Now I can dive into hydrospace).

Freediving provides opportunities for the development of personal qualities, such as responsibility and independence; distracting modern children from gadgets; unity with nature: awakening the spirit of the explorer and adventurer; instilling care for the world around.

Children are inquisitive by nature and they are interested in the question: “How does the world work there under water?”, “Who lives there?”.

The children’s lesson begins with a warm-up on land: joint exercises and breathing, then the water part: warm-up, practicing swimming and blowing techniques, diving at different depths, passing obstacles, diving for objects, relaxing in the water.

Freediving children feel comfortable in open water, confidently dive for seashells, and thus entice their parents to explore together reefs and marine life. The ability to relax and trust in the water is the main result.

After diving, children always have a lot of impressions: “Now I can dive for pearls”, “I can dive deeper than my mother”, “I can hold my breath for a long time”, “Look how I can somersault in the water”.

Deep voyages are always impressions and emotions, each time knowing oneself and discovering one’s capabilities and exploring the underwater world.

Katya Stotskaya

Biologist, Essential Oil Consultant

Since 1972 I have been traveling on expeditions.

Was in school biological circles of young naturalists VOOP and MOIP. In 1976 she graduated from the biological school No. 135, and in 1981 she graduated from the Department of Vertebrate Zoology, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University.

She worked in the laboratory of ecology and nature protection of the Department of Higher Plants of the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University and the All-Union Institute for Nature Conservation.

Organized the all-Union census of seabirds and near-water colonial birds. She studied birds in the Pamirs, in the Crimea, in the plans of the Dniester, Tiligul estuary, Volga delta, on the Seven Islands of the Barents Sea, in the Far Eastern Marine Reserve, in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, the White Sea, etc. I have been to Sharm El Sheikh several times. I know the fauna of the Red Sea. I grow subtropical plants in my own garden in Moscow.

Four children and four grandchildren.


Accommodation options for 10 nights

Half Board (HB) breakfast + dinner,
Transfer Male → Dhigurah → Male,
Excursions to whale sharks, manta rays, turtles,
1 massage session for each adult,
1 family photo session

Person Accomodation cost
1 adult $ 945
1 child (3 — 15 y.o.) $ 412

Breakfast and dinner are included in the price. Lunches are paid independently.

Camp program
participation in all camp activities and classes with a teacher
Number of persons Total cost
2 $ 1400
3 $ 2100
4 $ 2800
Flight and insurance

Insurance and air tickets are purchased independently, but we will be happy to help with the selection of the most profitable options.

White Sand Dhigurah Guest House

White Sand Dhigurah guest house is located a short walk from the white sandy Dhigurah beach. It offers modern air-conditioned rooms and on-site restaurant serving Maldivian, Asian and Western dishes. Free Wi-Fi is provided. The guest house has 4 room categories: standard, deluxe with balcony, super deluxe with bathroom and apartment.


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