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FamilyCamp was established by travelers and adherents of a healthy lifestyle. We organize family camps in the most amazing corners of our planet — from the white Alps to the emerald Maldives.

Экстраординарный опыт

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Наши главные ценности

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The team

Katya Stotskaya

Essential Oil Consultant since 1994

I have been traveling on expeditions since 1972.

Was in school biological circles of young naturalists VOOP and MOIP. In 1976 she graduated from Biological School No. 135, and in 1981 she graduated from the Department of Vertebrate Zoology of the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University.

She worked in the Laboratory of Ecology and Nature Conservation of the Department of Higher Plants of the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University and the All-Union Institute for Nature Conservation.

Organized the all-Union registration of sea and semi-aquatic colonial birds. She studied birds in the Pamirs, in the Crimea, in the Dniester, Tiligulsky estuary, the Volga delta, on the Seven Islands of the Barents Sea, in the Far Eastern Marine Reserve, in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, the White Sea, etc. I have been to Sharm El Sheikh many times. I know the fauna of the Red Sea. I grow subtropical plants in my own garden in Moscow.

Four children and four grandchildren.

Oksana Polyakova

Family camp couselor

Leading online courses for children at the Open Ark school.

Organizer at the Waldorf School “Living School”.

Leading (counselor) of the summer camp in the village of Greenfield, Moscow region.

Co-organizer of the family Camp in Anapa “Art-Kids-Dacha”

Ideologist, organizer and host of the Derevko family club in Volgograd.

Author and presenter of her own projects “Home Theatre”, “Family Traditions”, “Life with Children and with Pleasure”.

Author of the project “Touring Petrushka” with productions and showings of home performances for families with children of preschool and primary school age.

Oksana is the mother of Polina’s 10-year-old daughter, who is studying at the family education.

Tatyana Tselykovskaya

Family camp couselor

Behind her shoulders is 15 years of experience in aikido (2nd kyu), leader, and for 2 years she has fallen in love with Pilates. And I do it with elements of face fitness. It’s easy to look good when you’re 27, but when you’re 44?..

With pleasure I will share with you simple habits that will decorate your body and face!

I also like to conduct master classes, the results of which can either be used in everyday life or eaten. On them we embody the principle of family gatherings, when mothers needlework, and children play either together or nearby. And in the evening you can play. Role-playing games according to Bakhotsky, who is Egor. The game is always make-believe. But, the relationship is honest and sincere.

Do you know why your child always chooses the role of a bandit or a Rubik’s Cube? .. “Well, thank you for not being an alcoholic …”, you say. Is it easy for him to change roles? And how does he negotiate in the game? Make-believe? How about in life? They play pretend, but they experience and get the experience of relationships for real.

Shall we play?

Anastasia Danylenko

yoga instructor

I have been practicing yoga since 2008.

Teaching experience – 6 years. She was trained in India (Rishikesh) in the direction of hatha yoga.

I am a certified fitness trainer in the mind body direction (yoga, Pilates, stretching), as well as the Antigravity fitness direction.

I will teach you to love working with your body!
Soft yoga practice, breathing exercises, meditation – all this awaits you in my classes. 🙏

Natalia Kobzynova

coach and fitness trainer

The program of the International Tennis Federation, with which I work, is called “Tennis 10s”, or, in other words, mini-tennis. The program is designed for children from 3 to 10 years old.

One of the main tasks of Russian children’s tennis is to attract a large number of young players, a professional approach to training at an early age, giving tennis lessons a playful form, thereby increasing interest.

The slogan of the Tennis 10s program is smaller court, softer ball, easier game.

Often, children who learn the traditional way using yellow balls quickly finish playing. The speed and height of the bounce with this approach are great, and the ball does not hold in the game. As a result, almost all the time is spent on collecting balls and boring imitation of elements in isolation from the game situation. This leads to the fact that interest in the game is quickly lost.

The idea of ​​children’s tennis “Tennis 10s” is that learning takes place in a playful way, contributing to an increase in motivation, increasing interest in the game.

Anna Bystrova


Graduate of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. I am currently working on my dissertation at the Riga Technical University.

Since 2008, I have been participating in a wide variety of vacation schools and educational projects for children of all ages.

Learning something new, studying the world around us and learning its laws is something that students do great at every lesson! I love science and know how to share this interest with others.

Halyna Tsaryk

Social teacher

Primary school teacher of the 1st qualification category.

Over 20 years of experience working with children.

All parents want their children to be smart and successful! Is it possible to gain intelligence on vacation?

Of course yes!!!

We need a properly organized developmental environment! Our motto is “We learn by playing!” Zaitsev’s cubes and other teaching methods will help your kids get acquainted with the basics of reading and mathematics. Older children will try their hand at being teachers.

Everyone will enjoy because we will do it while playing!

Do you want your child to have fun and learn something new? In our classes according to the system of N. A. Zaitsev, you can combine the useful with the pleasant and give you the opportunity to develop your individual abilities during the game. In general, I propose to study with passion!

Anna Sergeyeva

yoga instructor

Certified instructor in Hatha Yoga (Patanjali International Yoga Foundation, Rishikesh, India, 2010) and yoga in the air (International School of Yoga in the Air, 2015). Experience of 12 years of personal practice, teaching experience – more than 8 years.

The basis of my practice is classical hatha yoga, organically combined with dynamic vinyasas, a smooth yoga flow, a flow of asanas and breathing practices intertwined into a beautiful dance of strength, flexibility and inner harmony.

The right mood, positive atmosphere and music help beginners and experienced practitioners to immerse themselves in painstaking work with their body, mind and energy. Detailed explanations of positions and gentle editing allow you to get rid of sometimes creeping doubts “what if I’m doing something wrong …” and build an effective, and most importantly, safe practice that equally combines tension and relaxation. And, as soon as the confidence and strength dictated by experience fill the body and mind, the practitioner will be able to completely surrender to the flow of harmony and inner beauty, rid himself of emotional and physical constraint, hundreds of stresses of the past day and feel the full energy power of meditation in dynamics.

Olga Radyush

Teacher-psychologist, educator of the highest category

According to the great Federico Fellini, of all the adventures that life has in store for us, the most important and interesting is to go on a journey inside ourselves, to explore the unknown part of ourselves.

At the family camp you will have such an opportunity!

At the daily gatherings of the club for teenagers “Sea of ​​Trust” we will all become real explorers of the depths of our own Self and the mysterious world of others.

Let’s learn:
♡ with joy to open up to people and discover them for yourself;
♡ easily ask for and receive support in a difficult situation;
♡ unconditionally accept and love ourselves for who we are.

A specially designed program of training and role-playing games will help make our daily discoveries effortless!

Angelina Gorchakova

Family camp administrator

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