Cirali national park, Turkey

May 2022

From the water you can see only mountains, trees, endless beach...
and not a single hotel!

Our family camp program in Cirali includes the following activities:

Swimming for children

Classes with a coach for children from 0 to 12 years old;

We will learn to swim (kids), practice technique (older group);

Swimming lessons will alternate with games in the water, reinforcing skills swimming through the game.

Spiritual and physical development

Transforming Theta Healing Mandalas and other practices;

Pilates Mom + Baby age 0+

Soft School age 3+;

Pilates and Face Fitness for moms;

Freediving (on request).

Creativity, games and quests

Family game "Neptune's Day";

Creative workshops (art, drawing);

Quests to search for "treasures".

Workouts with a fitness trainer

Morning jogging and express training;
Zumba in the afternoon, yoga in the evening.

Run properly, trekking in the mountains, dance dances of the peoples of the world, do strength, functional training with and without equipment.

Pilates, Ashtanga yoga, myofascial relaxation and much more.

Club and game library

Club for teenagers "Sea of Trust", game library "Learning while playing", classes with a psychologist and a social teacher for preschoolers.

We will learn:

♡ happy to open up to people and discover them for yourself;
♡ easily ask for and receive support in a difficult situation;
♡ unconditionally accept and love ourselves just the way we are.

A specially designed program of training and role-playing games will help to make our daily discoveries effortlessly.


Excursions and hikes

We will climb Mount Yanartash (Fires of the Chimera), the most mystical sight of Turkey.

We will visit the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos overgrown with greenery, where the Ak-Dere (White) stream flows into the sea and the ruins of the ancient theater are located.

Let's walk along the section of the Lycian Way, which hosts the international multi-day Lycian Way Ultramarathon race

Let's take a boat trip to picturesque bays where you can see sea turtles in their natural habitat.


?? May 2022

Check-in day

?? May 2022

Last day of the program acivities

?? May 2022

Check-out day


Forget the Turkey you used to know!

There are no and, I hope, never will be huge all-inclusive hotels, discos, animators, noise when “there are more people than people”, and densely packed beaches …

A village, a dacha, but only with oranges and the sea!

We rent bicycles and go for a ride around the village, to a shop, a cafe. Coffee is freshly brewed. Juice is freshly squeezed.

We walk, we conquer mountains, we do swims! You can and even need to treat yourself to your loved ones and take a course with a local first-class masseur (ta-a-a-ay)! By the way, every Sunday is a market day: we buy fresh products, local fruits, berries and vegetables, cheeses, nuts and butter, halva and sweets!

Therefore, we offer you accommodation without meals – you can buy everything and cook it to your taste or visit local cafes!

And one more thing… a herbalist’s shop, where we will find collections of medicinal herbs and teas, handmade soap and aromatic oils, tahini and… But, I will not tell all the secrets at once! It is better to see once than to read or look at photos a hundred times!

The perfect place for our family camp!

So, Cirali!..

Cirali (tur. Çıralı), spelling Cirali is also used – a village, a resort village and a beach in the Kemer region of Antalya province, on the territory of the Beydaglari National Park.

The pebbly beach is protected by the European Environment Agency as a breeding area for sea turtles. Yes, yes, this is one of the wonders of Cirala!

The European Environment Agency in 1994 included Cirali Beach in the list of protected places where caretta sea turtles can lay their eggs. From 1997-2000, the European Union sponsored the Turtle Protection Program in Cirali of the Turkish Society for the Environment (DHKD) under the LIFE program. When the funding was completed, local farmer Bayram Kütle and his fellow countrymen (peasants, fishermen, tourism industry employees) created the Ulupınar Nature Conservation and Development Association (Ulupınar Çevre Koruma, Geliştirme ve İşletme), becoming Turkish pioneers in the civil protection of turtles and their habitats. In May-July, female turtles of the Caretta species come to Cirali Beach at night to lay their eggs. Defenders of turtles enclose nesting sites with metal baskets. Vacationers are asked not to light lights on the beach and not to make noise at night.

Since 2004, the association has also been coordinating the program for the production of organic products and ecotourism in Cirali. Several local farms have since received organic certification. There is a shop in the village, the proceeds of which also go to finance the Association!

To the above, it remains to add a few touches to complete the picture called “Cirali Village”:

  • The emerald color of the sea with unusually clear and clean water;
  • Orange orchards;
  • Herbs and flowers.

If you go to the right, you will come to the ancient city of Olympos.

At the southern edge of the beach is the entrance to the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos. Here the Ak-Dere (White) stream flows into the sea, and the mountain comes almost close to the sea, separating Cirali from the small valley of Olympos. The old river bed, the remains of the fortress walls, the colonnade, the ruins of a very small theater (for 500 spectators), the remains of buildings overgrown with greenery – you can walk and admire endlessly.

If you go to the left, you will come across the Lycian Way!

Yes, yes, the same one, we recall the history of the Ancient World. Three sections of the Lycian trekking trail pass through Cirali. The trail is marked with red and white marks, in accordance with the European agreement Grande Randonnee. Now it is a long route in Turkey, running along part of the coast of ancient Lycia, about 540 km long. The route is characterized by elevation changes as the road descends to and from the sea. Since 2010, the Lycian Way has hosted an international multi-day trail running called the Lycian Way Ultramarathon. It starts in Oludeniz and goes eastward approximately 220-240 km in 6 days, ending in Antalya.

If you go far from the beach, you will come to Mount Chimera.

Chimera (ancient Greek Χίμαιρα, lit. “young goat”) – in Greek mythology – a fire-breathing monster with the head and neck of a lion, the body of a goat and a tail in the form of a snake; offspring of Typhon and Echidna. Now – “the most ancient eternal flame” – natural undamped torches of gas coming out of the rock – on Mount Yanartash (Fires of the Chimera).

You can talk for a long, long time about the beauty and uniqueness of this reserve, a favorite place for yogis who hold seminars here, organizers of family camps of various themes and just hikers with a tent over their shoulders!




Номера в основном одноэтажном корпусе
(стоимость вариантов размещения в сутки)
Количество человек​ Стоимость
1 человек $ 55
2 человека $ 80
Дети до 6 лет Бесплатно
Номера в отдельно стоящих бунгало
(стоимость вариантов размещения в сутки)
Количество человек​ Стоимость
1 человек $ 65
2 человека $ 90
3 человека $ 100
4 человека $ 130
Дети до 6 лет Бесплатно
Питание "шведский стол" (завтрак, обед, ужин) Включено
Программа лагеря
Стоимость программы лагеря при оплате до 1 Марта 2022 $ 490
Стоимость программы лагеря при оплате с 2 Марта до 1 Мая 2020 $ 590


Страховка и авиабилеты приобретаются самостоятельно.
В стоимость программы не входит: трансфер от аэропорта и обратно, оплата экскурсий, оплата занятий по фридайвингу.


As Secret Garden Çıralı family, we open the gates of our facilities to you for quality, trust, peace, untouched green and blue.

In our facilities that we have been operating since 2013 and abolished the concept of no, a quiet, peaceful, safe and quality service awaits you.

Our only goal is to entertain you as our guests in a completely natural fruit garden far away from the noise of the city and ensure that you have the most beautiful vacation in a quiet environment full of singing birds.

Our facilities is located on the seafront on Çıralı Beach and consists of 12 independent rooms located in a completely natural fruit garden.

All of our rooms have sea view. You can use the sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach free of charge.

Our facilities offers services as bed & breakfast or half-board. There is a restaurant in our facilities and you can either have the daily special menu or à la carte services. Various pastries, local jams, omelettes and eggs of your choice are offered at the breakfast every day.

Our Bungalow rooms are 36 m2 and for maximum 2 adult people.

There is free Wi-Fi in every part of our facilities.

Additional 1-2 folding beds may be placed. There are air-conditioner, shower, toilet and minibar available in our rooms.

Soap, shampoo, shower gel, hair cream and slippers available in the room.

We are located in the seafront inside our own picturesque garden.

There is a porch with a table and chairs.

There is free car park available.


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